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Hi, I spent decades putting my foot in my mouth, I discovered I had ADHD last year & went to work immediately: After collecting personal data on various Amino Acids (as per Dr. Daniel Amen) over the last 8 months I have found that True Calm from Now Foods has helped me to almost completely stop being impulsive in ways that are detrimental. I’ve also noticed neural pathways including positivity and planning ahead being created with consistent use over this period (from GABA particularly) that were non-existent prior to amino acid supplementation. (Another individual I know has found success with Pulsatilla 30x for impulsivity.) The thing is, if you want help, there must be a solution for you! None of us should just roll over and play dead to the ADHD symptoms… we CAN heal. The best part I’ve noticed is with the blend I’m taking, I’m still spontaneous & being myself, but the weird stuff, the out of control stuff is no longer an issue. I know your pain and this change for me is in & of itself a miracle, as I’m sure you understand & agree. Don’t give up hope. You can find a way past this.