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Hi Netti!

I’ve never been diagnosed myself,but I struggle with certain aspects of what your son is going through. I married with a son and about 2 years ago ( when I thought my job hopping days were over) I was devastated to find out that I was being let go and even more so to tell my wife and her family. Long story short I had a good week to evaluate myself and found This group helps with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) no medication, no waiting list. They actually give you homework unlike many therapist who just charge you to be a landing pad for emotions. I was seeing a gentleman named Mark, who also has ADHD. Downside is it was pricey. I felt the benefits far out way the price. If your son is single it may be easier. I can’t say what life would be like with a formal diagnoses but even though I’ve gone through depression and abused alcohol for a bit it was easier in the sense that I had great people surrounding me. He’s lucky to have a mother like you who cares so much. Also what does he do in his spare time? I’m getting ready to make career switch again, myself. I think I found out what I want to be when I grow up😜(I’m 32). He knows what he doesn’t enjoy. What does he hyperfocus on? For me… I get stuck outside in the garage trying to build something. Also I know it probably sounds nutty but I feel like some skills and talents are genetic what did his dad, grandfather, and great grandfather do for a living. I’m adopted but there’s a lot of nature at work when it comes to music(my biological father is very musical) I’m going off on a tangent now. Keep your head up. You’re doing great