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I was diagnosed at 22. My brother in law was actually the one to suggest I may have it when I was 18. When I was in high school, especially towards the end, I thought that I did have it. So, when my brother in law suggested it, I went searching through the paperwork my parents saved from when I was in 4th grade. I was in a private school at the time, and the school insisted that I get a screening by a counselor, so not true diagnosis, but a direction. Over the course of my years after that, I was told I was fine. Even when I explained to my Dad that I wanted to be seen by someone because I could tell something was wrong, because I was having panic attacks (which ended up phrased as randomly bursting into tears at school) he stood by I was fine. Well, the results from that screening came back most likely ADHD- inattentive type. Since moving out at 18, it’s actually more like ADHD combo. They had managed to get me to suppress the hyperactive part, so it all went to my head. The panic attacks, that’s part of the ADHD, I keep up with my meds (not even required more than any other day) and I don’t have them. I’m still in college right now, I’ve gone from B’s basically when I was in high school, to A’s in college. From one college class at a time, to a full 12 credit hour course load and President’s list. To a 13 credit hour load and Dean’s list. To finishing up my associates this fall, 14 credits. All while working. All just by getting a diagnosis and treatment plan. I’ve learned it’s best to just not talk to my parents about it. Now, they try to tell me how to take my medication, even though I still don’t live with them, have no plans to move back in with them. I think with my parents, especially Dad, it stems from not understanding, or Dad sees it in himself too and he is in denial. At this point, I’m now 24, I’ve mostly moved on. As long as I don’t have to talk to my parents about it. 6 years, it took me 6 years to stop feeling mad at them. Now, I’m just determined not to do the same thing to my kids when they come along. Because honestly, I feel it hurt me more than helped. Just explanations can help heal, why keep that from someone?