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DDDayish I am a 45yr old mother of 2/3 children with ADHD and I’m learning a hell of a lot! I strongly suspect that the information I have at my fingertips, through Google search, from well educated supporters, ADDitude magazine are the very things your mother just didn’t have. The fine tune understanding I get from my sources helps me make the best decisions for my children. If you just turned 4 this year & your educated mother could try again, I believe it would be different. To be ignorant nowadays & not educate ourselves for our children is just neglect. I know a child with ADHD today whose parents do not medicate because he gets good grades. Well, thus child suffers & it pains me that they can be so ignorant to all his struggles. Start fresh with your mom. You can teach her about you & your relationship with your child. She WILL see the difference. She may feel her own pain in time without you handing it to her.

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