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I have both ADD and narcolepsy as well. What a combination. Both make it very hard to get anything done. With my head nodding in the afternoon, starting around 3pm, I would lose the ability to think of anything except my pillow. My ADD often keeps my brain running in circles (and also, add an earworm, some song I know allll the words to, that goes round and round!) The best thing that has helped me, is to be sure I give myself at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. (No, not 7-8, because that always slips down to 6-7.) Figure out what time you need to get up, then get to bed at a time that will give you at least 9 hours of sleep. I think that we wake up hard sometimes (or all the time) because we’re trying to wake at the wrong spot in the sleep cycle. So the fix is to try to reset that sleep cycle. Sleep is far too important to just put off (I’m telling this to myself, too, because I need to hear and re-hear it.) We with ADD don’t have the luxury of just getting by on, oh, 6 or 7 hours a night ought to do it. Because it never does, not for us. Our best medicine is sleep. I’m just realizing now… maybe a good gift for myself is an automatic feeder, to keep the cat from climbing all over us both at 5:30am every day! Turn off the screens by 8pm, plan your next day, count your blessings, read a book, and go to bed.

Today, I’ve just begun taking Adderall instead of Ritalin, or actually, instead of methylphenidate. I was taking two 20mg SR doses of methylphenidate a day, a.m. and p.m., to avoid the post-med come-down in the afternoon. We’re hoping the Adderall may actually work better for me, and not drop me in a sleepy puddle mid-day.
Best of luck to you!