Reply To: Child refusing meds


Keep this updated and let us know if the meds are working. I have a 10 yr old girl with ADHD and we did NOT want her to be put on stimulants so we went to see an ADHD specialist to see what our options are. After a half hour of him interacting with her he immediately said “I would NOT put her on stimulants”. I asked why and he said this ” She has trouble sleeping, anxiety and small appetite, all of which will be made worse with stimulant medications. It’s her brain that needs to quiet down, not her body.” So he suggested we try Guanfacine {brand name Intuniv} which is a time release NON stimulant medication. He described it as a “think twice” medicine that helps the brains natural feed back loop that is missing in ADHD kids. It has been a complete game changer for us. She is able to focus for longer periods of time, her anxiety is almost completely gone and she is having much greater success in school. It’s a once a day time release pill and she has no trouble taking it with her morning fruit smoothie.

I think a question more ADHD parents need to ask is if a stimulant is really the best option since many pediatricians automatically go to that first and don’t even tell parents there is another options, and also don’t stop to ask if it’s the child’s BODY and needs to calm down or their BRAIN. I’ve seen both types of kids working in a school and you can tell the difference.