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I got pulled out of my regular 1st grade class and put in a special one and the school wanted to send me to some new school for kids with learning disabilities. My parents balked, obviously if something was wrong with me there must be something wrong with them. So they refused to even consider if I had a problem. I had many problems that went unaddressed. After all there was only room in the house for 1 sick person and that was my dad. His heart condition was the only concern. I had some digestive issues, and obviously ADHD or some learning disability. My mom thought I’d grow out of it, my dad thought he could punish it out of me. Did you know that kids with ADHD are more likely to be abused or neglected? And guess what, I didn’t grow out of it and punishment only gave me more psychological issues, anxiety, and self worth issues. I’m still trying to tell myself I’m not a loser, but my life and how I feel sure seems to point to the fact that I am one.