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I do not have ADD/ADHD but Everyone else in my house does so you can imagine how it looks. I am disabled and as I became disabled a lot of things changed. It took a long time to get any sort of routine going and even now I have bad days that just kill that routine so I spend a lot of time starting over. Starting over is ok so First accept that maybe not everything HAS to get done and truly prioritize when you make a to do list. Some day I’ll have enough money to pay someone else to dust until then it’s a low priority. Second, minimize some stuff. Getting rid of stuff means there is less to clean up. No little collectibles means I don’t have to dust them. Lastly and this is a flylady tip. Get dressed, like you are going out somewhere. I Wouldn’t want to get my nice shirt all dusty…in all seriousness though It really does help, I do at least twice the housework if I put my clothes and shoes on instead of staying in PJ’s all day.