Reply To: Baby Sleep


I experienced exactly the same thing with my first child who is now 23. It’s funny, as I look back over her infancy and early childhood, it all makes sense now. As an infant, she was colic for the first 4 months and barely slept at all. After the colic was over, she continued to be a poor sleeper, sleeping only 20-30 minutes at a time. At the time, we lived in a one bedroom apartment and had her crib in our room. Well, needless to say her wakefulness meant we were soon forced to sleep on our pull out couch in the living room. It was such a stressful time- my husband and I had had a whirlwind romance and married after only 6 months in a city where we had no family. Our daughter came a few months later and certainly tested our commitment.

Years later at 13, we noticed the challenges she was having at school and had her assessed. She was diagnosed with textbook ADD. She did not display hyperactivity however which is very common especially in girls. It was more of a an aloofness, and apathy toward things which is how she still is today. She’s always been a mystery to us in many ways but luckily she has sought out her own path working at a bank which she really enjoys (I know she enjoys it only because she works without complaint, no calling in sick etc) She is very good at her job and I’m very proud of her. I notice that sometimes she will take sleep aids to help her sleep, so some things never change!

We had another daughter only 16 months after her, who is the complete opposite (loved school, Dean’s list in University, very communicative) They fight a lot about clothes but are actually close. I’m happy to say that my husband and I are still happy together almost 24 years later (miraculously lol). I continue to learn about ADHD/ADD in order to understand our sweet girl- even at 23 years old. That’s what you do when you love your kids.

I guess the point of my story is that it’s only now that I can look back and see that all the signs were there that she would be a bit different. Whatever information and resources you can get now might go a long way in helping your journey if ADHD is a concern. And always ask for help when your nerves are frayed.

Best of luck to you!!