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We BOTH go to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) both individually and as a couple. Your wife needs to learn that, although she loves you, she is NOT RESPONSIBLE for your words and actions, you ARE. That is a very hard lesson for a spouse, parent, sibling, sibling, or other loved one to accept about those of us with mental disorders or those with addictions. The best support organizations to learn those techniques (and don’t be surprised because they have been around the longest just for this reason!) is Al-Anon. Even though the program was founded in the environment of the alcoholic family, the premise of program concentrates on ability to be able love your family member or other significant member without controlling the situations or the outcomes which take place in their life. It is a great place to go to learn how to love in such a manner without all the stress you wife seems to be experiencing thinking she somehow has to control the situation. You should be considering the implications on your family and look for appropriate forums if you feel a need to vent your opinions on subjects of particular interest (There are plenty online!) Only you can make a decision to make changes about your behavior if affects the emotional well-being of those around you and therapy is an ideal place to start. I have used 12 Step programs and CBT both and they have greatly strengthened my family relationships and communication skills