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Oh my goodness! You are not alone! I am a stay at home mom too, with ADD, and this is such a huge problem for me!! I can’t say I have made much progress, but the person I love to follow is “a slob comes clean”. She doesn’t say she has add, but it sure sounds like. She has a podcast, and I LOVE IT. I try to do what she suggests and it has worked some. She is super practical and super realistic. I wonder sometimes how she got in my head to know what I was thinking.

the other person’s comment about playing music in the morning just gave me an idea now…maybe I can wake up and play her podcasts right away. I think that would
Get me moving!! I love to listen to her podcasts while I do piles of dishes.

I struggle with fatigue and depression, so for me, she’s a lot more realistic than fly lady. But hey, whatever works, right!!?

Best wishes.