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Uncle Dharma

I am still working on this, but I have some ideas that have worked in the past.
Get into a daily routine. I am trying to go for a walk every morning, then start my day. This works when I have a walk as I am then awake and have planned my day.

Have a weekly timetable with a main activity for each day.
Maybe go to library then shopping on Monday, do all laundry and house cleaning on Wednesday. The idea is that you can look forward to Thursdays when you do gardening.

My calendar is like a poster and in a place where I cannot miss seeing it, such as above my chest of drawers in my bedroom.
Also, my calendar has several months at a time on display. This avoids turning to a new page and finding out that you missed something on day one.

In the past, I have lived with other people and they get me going. At least get me up to join them for breakfast and so on.
A psychologist friend suggested that as soon as I wake up, I put on music. Something that is lively and motivating.

Don’t waste time online and ‘screen sucking’. I put on a music CD and when it stops, I logoff and start the next task.