Reply To: Baby Sleep


Wow! I felt like I was reading the story of my now 15 yr. old son (who’s doing great by the way)! What memories, right down to the need for motion, white noise and falling asleep in the swing!! Thank God for that swing!! I often think of having ADHD as the difference between how a dogs brain works as opposed to a cat’s :-)! Equally smart, but very different. And much like a cat, ADHD-er’s are people you work “with” as oppose to “train”. One implies following another’s way, the other implies smoothing out the rough edges of the way someone is already doing things. You’ve done an excellent job so far giving him what HE needs to sleep as much as HE needs to. My son stopped his very short, and short lived naps by the end of his first year. Go with it. He will sleep as long as he needs to. He won’t come back to your bed forever. As long as you can sleep, don’t fret over the idea that “he must sleep in his own bed or…?” Or what? He’ll be married before he sleeps in his own bed all night?! And no, “training” techniques rarely work for babies, kids, teens or adults with ADHD because their brains really are different–but just as functional–and learning IS different and happens differently for them!
–A Mom of an ADHD-er, and therapist for those with ADHD