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Dear DDDaysh,
(1) You have 65 years “absolutely amazing years” ahead of you!
(2) Your son will be cared for by the best “mother” God could ever have created.
(3) If you are still in a relationship with the father of your son that is the second miracle in your life!
The first was the birth of your son.
(4) The best way to deal with your mother is to follow, “her example” noted in the following story,
The Wooden Bowl, !
(5) My parents were like yours, “reputation” in front of peers was more important than addressing the
needs of their eldest son. My losses because of their indifference mirrored your own.
(6) I suggest finding a replacement “maternal” grandmother and saying “goodbye” because if she didn’t care
about you then, she most certainly won’t care about “two” persons with the same disability today.
(7) Please help your son learn to become an entrepreneur and especially to stand on his own because I
have learned that persons with a disability do not identify themselves with having a disability as
a positive thing and because of that all of them try to take on the world on their own with very
few succeeding!

Disability in Canada: Facts and Figures

(8) If you thought your mother was bad you have seen nothing until you meet up with the majority of the charities for
the disabled who pretend to care to make another buck.

(9) Your therapist can help you grieve the loss of a parent, which occurred at your birth,
which we know because she told other parents what to do for their ADHD kids while ignoring
her own child.
(10) I also recommend you look into self-employment because there isn’t a single country in the
world that cares the slightest about the less fortunate, but the same politicians are only to
happy to send millions to the less fortunate in “other” countries.
(11) The sooner you can say goodbye the easier it will be for you to begin your grieving process.
(12) I wish I could suggest some magic words to say to make your mother love you, but that is
just not possible in “real” life!
(13) Please take care of yourself and your son and I wish both of you the very best in the years to come.
(14) If you wish to learn more about my research just reply to this post because I have clicked
the box to be notified of follow-up replies via email.
(15) In sum, there isn’t anything you can say to your mother to make her understand the unending
suffering you have endured your entire life! Please accept that, say goodbye and find a loving
replacement maternal grandmother for both of you as soon as possible because both of you are long overdue
for real love from a loving parent! Maybe that new loving maternal grandmother might even adopt you!
*I am too old for that now and I only learned about my ADHD in my late 40’s which was a few years ago.
Again, God bless both your son and yourself.