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Maybe this isn’t helpful, but I’ve now been taking my 7.5 ml Adderall (generic) for a week and a half, and it seems to be the right dose. And, it seems to be helping a lot. My husband is very serious about getting to bed the same time every night and usually getting up at the same time. I probably would not have a great schedule if it wasn’t for him. He will just decide he’s going to sleep, turn out the lights and that’s it. It takes me awhile to settle down, so I might read or even watch a TV show. My backup is always my iPod so I can listen to a podcast when I wake up and my mind wants to start thinking about things!

For whatever reason, this new dose seems to be working well for me. I’m sleeping most of the night, and having an easier time waking up. I can be a bit tired in the morning, but once I take my meds (around 8:30) that seems to help.