Reply To: Child refusing meds



Sorry to hear that! That’s hard. My son is on extended release pills so we cannot crush them or break them up. What we did prior to introducing the medicine was practice swallowing mini m&ms first. You could maybe try with that to get her over the aversion from the first experience. We got a pill glide tongue spray from our pharmacy. They come in cherry or grape and we referred to it as the candy spray. So do about three sprays on the tongue, hand them the pill, and it goes right down. They also make special cups that you can buy on Amazon to help them swallow pills. I had bought one but wound up giving it away to a friend when I realized how easy the pill glide spray was.

We also went through a phase last year we were he did not want to take the pill. Since it was helping him, he felt that he was doing well and did not need it. I had to gently explain that even though he was doing well through his efforts, the pill worked with him and allowed those efforts to work. I also told him he might be able to stop taking it when he was a little older but until I heard from his teacher that he was excellent in class then he still needed it for now.

Good luck!