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I love the idea of the sub bags! It would also make it easier to find things in the bags.

I walk to and from work. It’s only a little over a mile. One reason it’s so hard to find a better job is that I’m in a town with no reliable public transport, so I have to be able to walk to work. There’s hope though, because on top of what I mentioned, I’m part of a large ongoing research thing, and it looks like we’re getting a grant that I’ll get paid pretty well from. At the same time, the owner of the company I work for is talking about closing the business, so I’ll either end up on unemployment or full time on the research. I’ll end up working the same number of hours but from home and on my own schedule, so I won’t be so sleep deprived.

I only patrol nightly from mid-May until the rattlesnakes have all made it back to their hibernacula (usually by mid-October). so I just have to get through the season. I’ve been doing it for years. Normally I work with a partner who drives and we both work with the animals. This year we’re running two teams, and my driver is someone who wants to help out with the project, but doesn’t want anything to do with the animals. He just drives. If there are two rattlesnakes on the road and cars coming, I have to find a way to grab both of them myself, instead of letting my partner handle one of them. And instead of 2 expert sets of eyes on the road, there’s only mine, so it’s way more stressful and exhausting this season, which is probably why the bag thing is making me crazy.