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Have a bag inside your other bags that ALWAYS transfers with you. Then have other sub-bags dividing your stuff into kits. Duplicate stuff, too.

How do you have a patrol without a car? I’m trying to think of other solutions. How do you get to work?

I also hope you realize that your schedule isn’t sustainable for long. What can you do to change your work situation?

That said, get as many adapters as you have car outlets available to charge anything you might forget in the car. (You have to be patrolling in some vehicle, right?)

There’s no excuse for skipping meals if you use a modular meal prep system and have three days’ of food ready to go at a time. The ice and dinner can be grabbed in the same movement.

I have about 60 items I carry in my purse in a small “mom kit” bag. I have 8 OTC drugs, topical antibiotics, bandaids, inhaler, emergency blanket, travel brush and comb, hair bands, bobby pins, safety pins, a tiny sewing kit with a button, sunblock, and even a single-use thermometer. But it’s all in an 8×5 pouch. So easy!