Reply To: just diagnosed at 36.


Congratulations on your accomplishments and thank you for your reply, i have also been diagnosed with bipolar 2 ,depression and anxiety. I was on xanax for over 10 years,and like you,never took more then prescribed,but it sure is nice to be off of them and relise that i dont have to be on them. I have a fear of adhd meds though,since i do have depression and anxiety ,im afraid that they will get worse, ive talked to a hand full of people about the dr. wanting to try me on adderall,and everyone had the same response, “oh no,dont take adderall” that can make you nervous lol. their reasoning for that is because they have seen people get addicted,and also they i guess have read the side effects,although i appreciate their worry for me, they only know what they have seen from whomever they saw become addicted to it,or whatever,but that doesnt make me any less nervous about it.
I go to the dr. today to give her the questionairs i had to have close friends/husband fill out,and i will talk to her more,i will also talk to my therapist. another med she thought about was wellbrutrin, which i have been on 2 seperate times for depression,and dont particulary want to try again.