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You are very confused about history. “Familia” in Latin does not mean a blood-related unit, much less a nuclear family. It means a senior paterfamilias, his wife, their unmarried daughters, their sons, and the wives and offspring of their sons, their slaves of the paterfamilias, and his clientes. There was no concept of a family unit as a basic domestic living arrangement until the 1700 in Early Modern Europe. Before then, the family was synonymous with the household.

Roman men did NOT instruct their sons. That was a task for slaves and tutors–who were also often slaves. The slaves doing the caretaking were generally women until the boy was 7 or so and then they were men. If you want to look to Rome, then it’s the husband’s responsibility to provide enough that the wife’s heaviest duty is akin to weaving–laundry is the best equivalent today–and the rest the husband’s income paid to have other people do. A respectable Roman wife never stirred a pot longer than it took to taste the dish in her entire life!

Your parallel is incoherent. If you don’t want to wash dishes, then you need to make so much money you can pay someone else to do it.

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