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MrNeuron, your statement is absurd. My ADHD is genetic. Call it ADHD or dyslexia or dysgraphia or clumsy child syndrome or sensory integration disorder or a circadian rhythm disorder or, in some, autism or ppd-nos or nvld–it’s all the same ball of twine in my family’s case. My grandfather on one side was an autistic lawyer. On the other, my great uncle had undiagnosed LDs that included severe dyslexia. Every descendant of either side is intelligent but a piece of part of the wiring attached to that intelligence messes with other things in a predictable way. Every male descendant had to have a note-taker in college, for instance, due to dyslexia or dysgraphia or both. I just traded other people’s notes in return for tutoring them.

One grandfather’s mother was a farmer’s wife (and she therefore did farm wife work). The other’s was an electrical engineer’s wife and homemaker.

Many issues will go undiagnosed in a society where long term planning and strategy and prioritization isn’t important. We have a workd that’s turned what was mostly a difference into a greater disability. It’s not the world’s fault, but it’s nevertheless true.