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Good afternoon! I am a mother of three amazing children all of whom have varying degrees of Tourette’s Syndrome, which occurs comorbidly with ADD, OCD, Anxiety, and a few other things. All three of our children inherited this from me. I knew I had ADD, OCD, and anxiety, but my childhood was somewhat complicated so the doctors assumed I had acquired my issues. I wasn’t diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome until after my children were. Their neurologist recognized it in me.
I felt terribly guilty at first. Then I realized that these issues have given my children a very unique perspective. They are incredibly empathetic and are known for reaching out to kids who are being bullied or struggling in some other way. They are also very creative and free thinking! Our youngest son also has mild Asperger’s which makes him intellectually gifted but socially awkward. However, this has pushed other children to work to understand him a little bit better and he has worked to understand them. Because of these issues so many children have learned about communicating with people who think differently than they do. Every few years it seems one or two of our children needs a break from school and I homeschool them for a year. I LOVE this time with them because I was a teacher before our kids were born and my kids have forced me to get really creative with my lessons in order to reach them. Consequently, my tutoring business has wound up becoming very in-demand because I can reach kids that other people can’t seem to.
I guess what I’m saying is this; when it comes to the things that make us different there is no blame or fault to be had. Every beautiful, wonderful, amazing thing that makes your grandchildren who they are is worth having even if it sometimes makes life a little more complicated. Their uniqueness sets them up to make a difference in the world and that is a very good thing!