Reply To: just diagnosed at 36.


I was in a very similar place. Long term low level depression and anxiety (I had had very bad moments with it when younger but now mostly just low level, always humming under the surface, occasionally rearing it’s ugly head). Classic ADHD Inattentive symptoms. I’ve been to so many GPs, psychologists, counsellors, I even started seeing a life coach to work out why the hell the smallest things in life are so incredibly difficult for me. I have been on half a dozen different antidepressants and several anti-anxiety meds. All the health professionals said it was just depression, or anxiety, or PTSD etc etc… Finally, after doing a LOT of my own reading and research (because nothing I had tried had worked) it clicked that there was a very real possibility of ADHD. My GP and my psychologist wouldn’t take me seriously and dismissed the idea when I brought it up and I could tell they probably thought I was making it up to get meds (which I found pretty offensive). Finally I went to see a psychiatrist, who properly diagnosed me as Bipolar II and ADHD Inattentive type. It was pretty overwhelming, but ultimately great to know what I was dealing with. So now I’m on Bipolar meds, which have made a massive difference in my life (much more than any antidepressants or other meds I have ever tried), and I’ve recently started ADHD meds. I’m not sure if I’ll take them forever, but so far it’s really helping. Equally helpful has been researching information and coping methods for what’s happening in my brain, so I’m not just relying on the meds to do all the work.
So, if you’re worried your regular doctor won’t be super helpful, see if you can get a referral to a psychiatrist. They are much better equipped to diagnose ADHD, and the only ones who prescribe meds for it, if that’s what you’re looking for.