Reply To: Does ADHD Get Worse With Age?


I’m replying to donsense’s last two comments addressed to me on Aug 10th.

Since I have only known about my ADHD since Nov 2015, I really can’t tell if I’m getting better, getting worse or staying about the same. My problem as far as joining an open ADHD support group is that I live in Prescott, AZ where the total population in the area is under 100,000. So, assuming that only about 9% of adults over age 18 still have the condition, that’s a potential group of around 6,300 (assuming 70% are over age 18).

As I mentioned, my PCP physician is currently researching the behavioral heath doctors in our area for one or more that have experience with ADHD patients. I’ll report back in this forum about the final results of my first month of treatments. Possibly, the doctor I finally see will know of an open support group I can join. That would be GREAT!

I have also been taking Venlafaxine daily (75 mgs capsules) for the last three years and it has kept me calm and anxiety free. I’ve had very few emotional outbursts, or melt downs, since that medication has gotten into my system. I also take Lexapro (10 mgs) daily to ward off depression. I’ve had four major clinical depression episodes over the past 30 years, each of them lasting over three years. I truly believe that my ADHD condition has been the catalyst which started my depressive episodes. So, I’m very excited about meeting with an ADHD Psychiatrist in the near future and possibly obtaining a new medication. My PCP in Tucson, where I lived before moving to Prescott 20 months ago, prescribed Amphetamine Salts, which my doctor’s office here will no longer prescribe.

Good to hear from you and to know that there are others in the Adult ADHD world who may have had similar life experiences. Let’s keep the dialog going, this is good!