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Take this from someone who has ADHD. Although I’m now 28 years old. I didn’t have a diagnosis as a child, because my family was highly neglectful in that regard. But I had many, many struggles at a young age.
First things first. You are very clearly a very great and supportive parent. I do sometimes see posts and comments from parents without ADHD who have a child with ADHD, and many times I find the comments highly upsetting, and very misguided. But you are not misguided, you are caring, and you are clearly working so hard to create a successful environment for your daughter.
It will never be perfect, you will make mistakes, That’s ok. The key is working through them, and adjusting in the future. But it’s also crucial for you to remind yourself. No matter how great the accommodations, diet, medication and structure are for her. There are still going to be bad days sometimes. These symptoms don’t go away all together, but they can be managed and become less stressful with all of those things. She’s also only 5 years old. So at that young of an age, there are so many pieces to this that are so heavy for a child. But you are doing so much for her, most importantly, you’re aware that it’s not perfect, and you take it to heart. You CARE that she’s still struggling. I doubt she’s able to understand what you’re doing for her right now. But I promise you, by the time she’s in high school, college, adulthood, everything you’re doing will pay off. She will be thankful, and grateful.
I was placed in gifted and talented at a very young age, and found my way out of it by 6th grade because my ADHD and various other learning disabilities that are often times associated with ADHD just took over. I didn’t have a diagnosis, so I didn’t know how to manage. My teachers thought I was “really really smart, but lazy and lacked motivation.” School became really overwhelming and incredibly hard because I couldn’t focus. But I found myself hyperfocusing outside of school on various interests, that meant I never did my homework, and I barely graduated.
I didn’t have the tools at the time to reach my potential.

YOU are giving your daughter the tools, at a very young age, to one day learn how to manage this, and reach the potential she has in herself.
I wish I had a parent like you as a child. Honestly.

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