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@shudson76 – absolutely, treating your child’s as a behavior problem is not a great solution. We had a very difficult kinder year, and learned (the hard way) that we need to change how we interact with teachers.

In addition to @Parentcoachjoyce and @ADHDmomma responses, a couple of things:

Put it in writing. (use the clean slate approach, and try to emphasize the team aspect as much as possible.) If you do not already have it in writing – at least get that communication started.

(I use our parent coach for these letters, my tendency is put my passion for my child into strongly worded letters – that do not motivate folks to help us. So know your strengths)
Understand the school. Volunteer, donate, remember birthdays, clean up days on the campus. Become a familiar face. We have seen an improvement since we started committing ourselves to volunteer hours.
Go hi:District level. What is going on at that level? Are there special events or training sessions? Our School District has an annual Dyslexia conference. We go, we shake hands, we talk to teachers and vendors. Even though reading is not challenging for our child, we meet other parents.. we meet school staff. We listen to how they frame problems, and in particular we listen for the priorities of the district. Then we take that, and use it when we team up with the teacher. If we understand the pressure on the teacher from “above” – then we can frame our advocacy correctly.

Go lo: Teacher In our case, we sponsored the teacher to go to several seminars. They all offered “sponsored seat” deals for teachers that were less expensive than if the teacher paid directly, and the teacher got some CUE’s – so it was an attractive offer for her! We did not just donate to the PTA continuing education fund because we wanted to reinforce the relationship with the teacher.

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