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Let me start off by saying you are a wonderful parent and you are doing great. Also, there is nothing “wrong” with your daughter. I always tell my kids they have wonderful gifts that make them special, but sometimes these gifts come at a cost. My eldest daughter is very empathetic and an advocate for anyone who needs help. On the flip side she can be really hard on herself and has social anxiety. I suspect my four year old son has ADHD, like his father… but he is also very productive and great at sports. My kids eat a lot of Kraft Mac and Cheese, I put red dye in cookies for Christmas, I buy from costco (I’m pretty sure their stuff isn’t organic) and we buy chocolate milk by the gallons. My point is very little has to do with what you put into their bodies. She is who she is. If she is unhappy maybe it is time to go see a psychiatrist or a cognitive behavioral therapist. They can work with her and you to find what is causing her behavior and strategies or medications/ vitamins that may help. Don’t fall victim to the fads and mama guilting. You do what you need to do because you know best. Sending hugs and wine