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I actually got into a very heated discussion during my 11-year-old sons last 504 meeting. My son is diagnosed Severe ADHD and considered “gifted”. He was in accelerated Language Arts in fourth grade and used to LOVE reading and chose reading over anything else. After his fourth grade year in Accelerated Language Arts, my son hates reading. The responsibility to read two books at once was far too much for him to manage along with everything else. Fast forward to Fifth grade where he was placed in Accelerated Math and as you can guess, he did not do so well! He scored Advanced in Science and Accelerated in Math and Language Arts on the Spring State Tests last school year. Seeing my son struggle SO much the last two years added way more stress on not only him but for us (his parents)! He is terrible at organizing himself especially the different subjects. Homework assignments were often forgotten and here’s the kicker… Classroom work wasn’t even being completed! I met with the school a number of times last year asking why his accommodations weren’t being met and what was the point in the 504 is it’s not being followed by the people who should be implementing it, his teachers! I begged the school for him to go back on an IEP because although he is smart and he is not “struggling academically” he STILL NEEDS SOMEONE TO HELP GUIDE HIM THROUGH HIS DAY!!!! Especially when his teachers aren’t delivering the accommodations from his 504. Allow an Aid to help him then. Now he’s starting Middle School in a week and I am scared Sh$%less because there is so much more responsibility and pressure that will be placed on him.