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Thank you – school started yesterday and I want to address it sooner rather than later. As a newly single mom, I doubt I can afford to hire an attorney (still paying for one!) but I will investigate the parent advocate route. We don’t live in a great school district so I’m not overly hopeful they will have these resources but I need to try. He has been tested and diagnosed as gifted and has an IEP in place for such. But at his grade and his enrollment in an IB program, there isn’t much differentiated education for gifted.

Alex took the ACT halfway through 7th grade and received a 27. His freshman grades were on average a B level, but as an IB program, these are weighted as a 4.0. He received high marks on all his final/end of course exams but during the year struggled to keep a B, had several Cs (even in classes where he received an A in final exam) and even a D once. Mostly due to homework and organizational issues.

Thanks for the encouragement!