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I am not sure if I can offer anything new butI have 2 special needs children. One who is 13 and one who is 3. Be sure to understand that in order to qualify for an iep, a child no matter what age, must have one area of a 2 standard deviation or 2 areas of a 1.5 deviation. Beware most schools appear to be sincere when it comes to 504 and IEP. Don’t let your guard down!! Go in with medical documentation and every test paper, record parent teacher conference. Would also check with your school, they have to provide youbwith a parent advocate for the 504 and iep stuff too. If the school still denies services contact your local state. I live in ohio and our group is OCECD. They will attend every meeting,walk you through it a step by step. Also note anything can be placed in a 504 it is a gateway to a iep. They can even include transportation. But definitely ask for organization, extra time on test, extra time to turn in assignment. This way when the end of the grading period comes amd teachers close that grading period anything not turn in has a extra week or two without penalty.