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I haven’t used prescription meds since part way through high school because I hated what it did to my personality and appetite. It made me a zombie. I was on Ritalin then Vyvanse. I dropped out of college sophomore year partly because f A.D.D. and partly because I didn’t care much about my major nor did I know what I really wanted to major in. I’ve had a couple of jobs since and am about to get married. My fiance has been supporting us and gets really stressed out by my lack of ambition and was getting close to the last straw so I did a lot of research tried to find something natural that helps with brain function in general. I found out about nootropics and came across Neuro Shroom which is just a combo powder of 3 mushrooms used in ancient Chinese medicine. I’ve been taking it for the past month and no longer have A.D.D. based procrastination anxiety or really any anxiety. My A.D.D. is barely noticeable and if I do get distracted it is easy for me to manage now and stay focused. I have a lot more mental endurance too since I’m not thinking myself in circles about how I can’t do things when I need to and spiraling down into depression or an anxiety attack. I’m now about to go back to school for industrial design and am turning my life around. I’m a happier person. I can even stick to exercise regimens now and work toward other goals which is amazing for me. Neuro Shroom isn’t advertised as something that helps A.D.D. but it completely did for me maybe someone else can try. If you get it and it helps you let me know because to me this is a big deal. You can check it out here

Oh and I just wanted to add that it took a couple of days for me to notice how it worked for me.

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