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Hypersensitivity is actually fairly common with ADD – so hating loud noises and busy places isn’t strange at all. In fact, I have found that I really struggle with trying to listen to people in situations that are loud — another way to think of it, there is a lot of distracting stimuli that can make it harder for us to shift our attention and focus!

Others have mentioned the issues that women have with getting ADHD diagnosed.. when I was growing up, all three of my brothers (I have no sisters) were diagnosed with ADHD. I was doing okay in school, until I tried taking a couple of very challenging classes, which is when I struggled. And then just went back to easy classes. Point is, I wasn’t “like” my brothers, so it didn’t seem apparent to anyone that I had ADHD — I think it really clicked for me during graduate school, while I was also trying to work full time. Like you said, it seemed easier for everyone else.

My heart broke as I read your post because I thought of my own mom — she has also struggled with depression her whole life, and if anyone had EVER suggested she might have ADHD, it would have changed her life. I have brought it up a few times — hey mom, all four of your kids have ADHD and it’s hereditary!! — but because a medical professional had never said anything about it to her, she never considered it. Now that she’s retired, it doesn’t matter as much — she barely has any responsibilities. But when I see her struggle with things, when she has to turn the car radio down to focus on parking correctly (just like me!), it just feels so obvious. If the comments here, and the quiz results, resonate with you, please find a local ADHD specialist! It could help you SO MUCH!