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A few of the problems with being both dyslexic and ADD/ADHA is that both issues or symptoms become intensified by other. They are also very similar to each other so that just adds to either the confusion or the challenges that a person faces. Although most of us are highly intelligent, people who work with us wonder how smart we are because we cannot seem to be or stay organized (i.e. the boss). And if we have to communicate via email, we’re not the best person to put together an email. Put us under pressure and we will become a bigger mess. YET, we have the answers most time and can put our hands on the project presentation, we can explain a better way to do something and we have new ideas that most have not thought of, and if you need a person to think outside the box, we’re that person. We’ve had to deal with life outside the box more often then not…mostly because we just approach things differently.

But the biggest challenge is keeping a job or finding organizational steps to help us keep a job. We need help with tasks to be the successful persons we can be!

I reviewed all your points, I answered yes to all but 4 items. My dyslexia does not stop me from reading now as an adult I am fine with that, learning as a kid was a nightmare, but it’s all the other issues that come with dyslexia and ADD that my life crazy. I just want some proven organizational steps to help and I’ll live with my messed up emails.