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Mamaualvin & Shirokuma-

Thank you for the responses. Both of you have been very helpful with your perspectives. At this point any light you can shed on this situation is very helpful.
Its been a month since I have heard from him and at this point don’t know where his head is at. I did see this article that someone previously posted in this tread.

Why We Crave the Drama That Sabotages Relationships

It was very interesting. I want this to work with him, but I think he likes the break from us because it resets the relationship and makes it exciting all over again like when we first started dating. I hope his able to talk to someone. The other problem is that he dosen’t talk to any friends or family of what is going on with him. He has no sounding board. I was there to listen but now with us not talking who knows.
You are correct about the ADHD. He doesn’t have anything that is hyper. He is a very low key, quiet kind of guy. Actually he got made fun for being so quiet. Teachers would wonder if something is wrong with him. I thought the Hyper might be in his mind but I dont see that either. From what I have learned here, I know that everyone is not the same. I think for him, he thinks he can “will it away”. He is a mind over matter guy. Since its internal and you can’t see it like you can a broken arm he has rationalized it in his head. I will do all I can for him but he has to want to help himself too.
Thank you for all the support.