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I cannot diagnose, but I can say most of these 21 symptoms are not specifically related to signs of dyslexia. For example, number 4 says “spells phonetically” but spelling phonetically (also sometimes called “invented spelling”) is very difficult for someone who is challenged with dyslexia. Number six says,”Difficulty putting thoughts into words” which points towards a speech processing issue or auditory processing issues which are often accompanied by dyslexia but not specifically a sign of dyslexia. Number 20 trouble with writing is dysgraphia, although those with dyslexia tend to have a difficult time with spelling words correctly even when copying. I would look more for a very strong indicator of slow, laborious reading. Perhaps listening comprehension is much stronger indicating that there is a reading problem, not a comprehension problem. If you google dyslexia signs, I know you’ll find some great websites which will list specific possible signs. Hope that helps a little! 🙂