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I don’t know that I would deduce somebody is dyslexic based on this laundry list. I myself have a large number of the symptoms described, some due to ADHD (like the daydreaming, time issues, and math issues, which are a sign of poor working memory) and some due to SPD (sensory processing disorder, like the motion sickness and difficulty telling left from right, together with the more obvious sensitivities), yet I was an early, fast and compulsive reader and have no trouble spelling even in a second language. I have a friend who is dyslexic, however, and I asked him what it is like (was concerned for my kid, who is writing mirror image letters and left to right well past the time she should, but that seems to more of a left-handed issue in the end). The worst of it, for him, is that letters wiggle and change position while he is trying to read them. That means that even straight copying of a text will produce very misspelled results (for example, his checks would get returned constantly because he would write the recipient wrong, even with a bill in front of him — he thinks computer bill-paying is the best thing ever).

That being said, when you can list 21 things you are unhappy about, it’s always a good idea to see a specialist. Number 6 on your list is probably the most worrisome in terms of a language-processing disorder. If a kid was involved, I would say the best bet for a big life improvement would be occupational therapy for SPD (see the book “The Out-of-Sync Child” Therapy seems to help children a lot — sadly for adults nothing much helps.