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Penny Williams

There are so many things possible for 504 accommodations. What you want to ask for are accommodations that address exactly what SHE needs, based on what she’s struggling with.

With executive functioning deficits, she might be having a hard time remembering to use her planner or turn in work, for instance. In that case, it’s ideal to ask teachers to check her planner at the end of every class, every day, and to make sure she has the materials necessary to complete any assignments. Then a reminder at the beginning of class to turn in work. In my experience, teachers just won’t do this (due to time constraints and having 30 kids who may need their attention, although that’s no excuse). An alternative is to have assignments posted online or emailed to you and your daughter.

Here’s a great list of possible accommodations to address executive functioning deficits:

Free Checklist: Common Executive Function Challenges — and Solutions

Here are some additional accommodation ideas for the middle school years:

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