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I understand. To sympathize, I recently had my drivers license suspended, car towed, and never even knew I was suspended. Because of not paying close detail to my traffic tickets, I never kept track of points and in haste pleaded guilty and paid fines to get rid of the tickets and ended up in this stupid mess.
Always feels like 1 step forward two steps back into a load of @&$”!
Get yourself out of any mess you can and work nonstop to fix it. Take the spare moments and work hard. It always pays off. Find your talents and spend brief moments in them. Even though I have overflowing closets of decluttering, I still spend time on my garden each day to see the beauty I created in my roses.

I take generic concerta and generic lexapro. But I still have to stay on top of my eyeglasses, phone, keys … and slow down before I run out the door and go.
I just look forward and not back. Celebrate every small success. It takes courage, and tenacity to fix finances. You can do it. Feel proud of your talents you can see and you may realize an opportunity or skill you have to improve your job situation.
It sounds cliche but we all have unique gifts! I have to realize that I am the jokester and quick wit and not the one in a group that can describe every detail of the neighbor s steps to sell her house. Oh well! That is me.

And you are you. embrace what you are and accept what you are not.

Good luck and prayers. Please touch base with your status. We want to support you.