Reply To: End of my rope


Hello Amah27,
It seems to me you’ve made a choice, but are unsure how to follow through now. You want to move forward to a new positive life for yourself and children, a life you can all enjoy, where you’re not walking on eggshells all the time, with every moment thinking about how someone will react, and perhaps how violently. Will it be ok this time? How bad will it be this time? You can wait until he stabilizes, but he hasn’t done so in 21 years. He very likely won’t. Even on meds to manage all the brain-chemical issues – his psyche is already programed to react without thinking, his way of seeing the world. You need out of this. There has to be an attorney whose handled these sorts of cases, who can give you options for seeing to his care, while you reclaim your life and your kids’ lives, away from his influence, so that you can decide your next step – and what you want your new life to look like. I’m praying to the universe for you, because the universe doesn’t want anyone to be in this state. Negative only begets negative. I wish you the best. ~ CatMa