Reply To: What medication has helped you?


Thanks for all the feedback!

For now, I’m in a holding pattern on medication. I went to see my primary care physician because I’ve been having shortness of breath and fatigue, and my doctor believes I have bradycardia as my heartbeat is pretty consistently below 60bpm (and I’m by no means athletic!). So for now I’m off the guanfacine until I get some tests done to see what is causing my heartbeat to be so low.

I have to admit these past several weeks have been pretty tough. First ADHD, then heart issues I have to look into, and newly diagnosed with intermittent asthma and poor cholesterol. I have lots of lifestyle changes to make and am anxious to start testing medication for ADHD but have to hold off. And now that I’m very aware of the ADHD and how it’s impacting my life, that has been difficult.

I’m trying my best to take one day at a time and remember to be kind to myself and have compassion (I do a lot of negative self talk).