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Hi Elisa –

Thanks for the idea of a self soothing page! I also feel fragile, and am a bit overwhelmed because I’ve also come into some health problems that I’m trying to work through as well. My therapist has been great at reminding me to be compassionate to myself, it is a behavior I’m trying to change since I do a lot of negative self talk. I find myself in loops a lot….so I really like that idea of a self soothing page. I’m definitely a visual person, and that might be more helpful than trying to talk myself out of a loop.

I am hoping to start medication soon. My doctor is concerned about my heart rate as my pulse is too low, so until we figure that out I can’t start medication (I’ll be seeing a cardiologist soon). That in itself has been difficult, because when I was first diagnosed with ADHD and realized how much it impacted my life I was looking forward to starting medication to help my symptoms. But for now it’s therapy and lots of compassion!