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Penny Williams

Hi @Nessa!

Unfortunately, traditional discipline strategies usually don’t work for kids with ADHD. His brain doesn’t stop and weigh consequences before taking action most of the time. That’s why he ends up doing things he shouldn’t, and regrets them. This is impulsivity. Your discipline could be helping — he might make these mistakes more often without it. But, what more can you do to help him not do things he will regret and that get him into trouble?

You’re on the right track with natural consequences: you break it, you pay for it.

In addition, I suggest that you work on anger management and frustration tolerance skills. That’s where he’s crossing the line with his behavior. Here’s how I addressed changing this type of behavior (my son was younger, but the same general systematic approach works at all ages):

“How I Helped My Son Stop Hitting Classmates”

Make sure you are modeling and discussing appropriate behavior when you are angry or frustrated as well.

Here are some discipline strategies that work for kids with ADHD:

Your Free Expert Guide: 50 Tips for How to Discipline a Child with ADHD

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