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Uncle Dharma

Maybe you really are special.
And not just one of the sheep following the leader. Why fit in with a mob of sheep?

These days, I find that several people look up to me as someone who has their own act together.
I am independent, creative, eccentric, and think for myself.
It helps that I am now retired so I do not have to work, and do not have to be anything really, so I can be myself.

Independent of the crowd and of the latest trend. I do my own thing in my own way with confidence.
As you may expect, this clashes with people who love being ‘the boss’, just for the joy of being the boss. Apparently, my words say “Yes”, and my eyes say “you are a jerk”.

You can do this. Embrace who you are, enjoy your differences, make the most of your talents, and leave the mob in your wake.

It took me quite a long time to get here, especially with a mother who has undiagnosed ADD + anxiety + depression. Luckily, my father was independent, intelligent, and came to his own conclusions.

This is not just me blowing my own trumpet, I have discussed this with a close friend who is a clinical psychologist with years of experience. Hanging out with a psychologist means that you are being observed and diagnosed often.

Best of luck, and hugs