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Gone are the days when kids could roam the neighboorhood… if you allow them to go off your street, out of your yard…pin note to them advising that they are allowed per parental consent (a natural right) to be free ranged…look up free range kids…a couple had investigation on them because their son and daughter were together at the neighborhood park…Sounds crazy, but it is a potential dependency case…and you need to tell your children that they dk not have to talk to anyone, by saying I want my parents here (at school, daycare, etc) because they do not and wl not inform ylu prilr to speaking with your child and schools and daycares are regulated by DCF, so they will not have the best interest of your child paramount, they will comply to anything that gets DCF away from potential opportunities for them to be investigated…Sad, but True! The struggle is real. Again, not to make you hypervigilante, but isn’t that how attentive parents should be…not on a court mandated Psychological exam (MMPI)… your words will likely be taken out of context, so you need someone, not a lay person to help you get through this with your family and sanity intact. Stay strong, be focused on tbe best interest of the child.