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Sorry I’m late to the party. One resource for meds I’m positive you haven’t tried. Do this, this week! Find a “Mormon” church. Search under The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Don’t worry that it’s not your religion. Ask to see a bishop. The Mormon church has the best resources for helping people get back on their feet. The members are extremely generous and not only pay traditional tithing but also a fast offering. The fast offerings are specifically used for helping the poor in the area. Tell the bishop you’re Catholic background and concerns about repeat offenses and guilt. Mormon doctrine teaches the importance of desiring to become better over perfect compliance. If the bishop makes you feel guilty or unworthy, walk out and find another bishop. (Bishop’s are imperfect too). Anyway, tell them you are in desperate need of financial assistance. They won’t give you cash but you can often bring a receipt for meds or rent or other specific necessities and they will write you a check to cover the cost. They also have counselors who can treat you if you have a referal from the bishop. If your desire is to return to Europe, they won’t pay your debt or buy you a plane ticket but they can help with finding employment and free food. Then with money in your pocket and meds to help you cope you can save up enough to go to Europe in complete confindence that the Mormon church is strong there too. One caveat. You must be willing to stay on meds and work with the bishop to dig yourself out. If you treat it like a lifetime free ride you will be cut off.