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I only read your reply and a little bit of a few others, I apologize… I’m at work and really shouldn’t be on here, but this story caught my eye. If someone hasn’t given this perspective, allow me to give another idea of what may be going on. Kids with ADHD are EASY targets of bullying. My son has had bullies in every grade K through 3rd. He has an IEP and when he was younger he even had a Functional Behavioral Plan. In 1st grade kids started noticing he was different. They knew the teacher didn’t trust him (he would try to sneak candy) so they started to say he did things that he was NOT doing. At first the teacher would believe them and it wasn’t until I had a sit down meeting and put my foot down with what ADHD is and isn’t, because she had no more than a stereotypical knowledge of ADHD. Kids with this disorder are targets of bullying on a regular basis. Not saying that is the case here, but it may be a possibility. Don’t automatically assume your kid touched anyone in their privates.

I do agree it’s a proven fact that kids with ADHD are typically 3 years behind their peers with maturity, that’s the average I believe. I have ADHD and I didn’t mature until I was probably 23 years old. My son is a very intelligent kid, he’s 9… he’s up there with 11 and 12 year olds. However, his maturity level is that of a six year old when it comes to a lot of stuff. It is something that cannot be disciplined out of them, it comes with age.