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I’m so glad we were able to help because we know how it feels and what makes it a little bit tolerable is the fact that you are indeed not alone. It is a struggle each one of us faces daily; the feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy and being called unintelligent which had been pounded into our heads as kids to the point where we start believing the lies. Think of all the great poets, free thinkers, and scientists of yesterday and today that had been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD: think of all they have accomplished on this earth: Albert Einstein, Richard Branson and John F Kennedy just to name a few.
There are apps that can assist with your add as well that will help you in time management and organization. And please take an occupational test to find out what your natural abilities and interests lie. And then hone in on that talent. I know you will excel in it. Just whatever you do, don’t give up.