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I totally understand your story. I would swear on my eyeballs we have the same neighbors! From my own experience and thus opinion of your neighbors behavior, their saber rattling is more a symptom of their own insecurity. Their fear is the same. Fear of feeling ostracized from the neighborhood as you mentioned you feel sometimes. It’s been my fear, too. My kids are young adults now. My last just left for college. But, if I could go back in time, or offer advice from what I learned, i would:
1. NOT MY PERSONAL JESUS – Never allow anyone to get away with attempting under any circumstance position themselves as some kind of self-appointed moral authority airing their uninvited personal baggage in the company of my children subsequently undermining me.

Neighborhoods will always have the same dynamic somewhere. One insecure person kicking up more than normal dust, enlisting a couple loyal side kicks in the hood by their side. They are called Broom Hilda’s. Unfriendliness is hurtful at any age. By accident I figured out a way that worked for me to alleviate this nuisance.
Still hurt inside, I still managed though to display a big ass smile along with a Pagent wave (of which I was never in) every time driving past the Hilda’s in neighborhood.

I’m age 54, clinically diagnosed ADHD in 1971 at age 6 in First Grade. My parent were told to try Ritalin which turned out working well for me. Only one out of my three kids are ADHD, son. Although the older I get, not so much. My husband and I have three young adult children now. My last just left for college – officially empty nester’s – not a fan – another topic in a different time.
to be a kid.

I’m stating the obvious, but again, of most importance is first the emotional well being of your children.

. It’s not a crime kid or make a mistake.