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First of all, I think it’s great that you have put yourself out here. I hope you have gotten some good advice. I personally appreciate where the mom really sets the limits for her child, such as playdate time limits and the like. As far as your husband goes, I am certainly not gonna judge him based on that one drunken scene. I don’t think it’s fair to add to your burden by assuming he is a drunk and that your son was molested!! My 10 yr old is inappropriate ALL OF THE TIME. It is unfortunately part of the mental immaturity and impulsivity that comes with ADHD. As far as CPS is concerned, I am sure the neglect will be unfounded. How can they say that when you are vigilantly taking him to therapy. People are EXTREMELY judgmental!! I am lucky to have found a group of women in my town who don’t judge my son or me. We accept our crazy kids just as they are. I hope you can find the same. It’s not your neighbors fault that your son is out of control sometimes. She certainly doesn’t have to deal with him. That being said, you can’t lose sleep over these people that just don’t understand. Don’t give up on finding the right people to surround yourself and your son with!! Unfortunately anyone call CPS on anyone. I am sorry that happened to you and I wish you the very best!! Hang in there!