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I feel your pain intently. I’ve been struggling untreated and uninsured and in financial collapse. One of the things that has helped me is at least taking vitamin/mineral supplements to manage what I can without meds. Fish oil, B-Vitamin complex, Magnesium and Zinc have truly been helpful. I’ve coupled that with meditation – and that took a YEAR to really help but it did!- and ultimately forgiving myself for a condition that is out of my control and not a personality flaw.

Also, with my boys, I had to get my youngest diagnosed and medicated while still uninsured. The Dr’s office worked with us on a payment schedule. Sometimes if you call around you will find a good office that will work with you. That’s what we did and it was really helpful.

Right now I have to focus on my kids so I can’t do more for myself otherwise I’d do the same for me. Hang in there and good luck!